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The social infrastructure that Hub South East delivers on behalf of clients is essential for jobs, growth and productivity, but requires major investment from both the public and the private sectors. Scotland has a strong track record in attracting infrastructure Investment and the Hub Programme has played a significant part in delivering over £3 Billion of Capital and Revenue supported infrastructure projects over the past 10 years.

We believe it important that clients can continue to access the funding they need and we have a dedicated team supported by trusted financial advisors to ensure clients remain fully sighted on all the funding routes available to them – whether traditional or non-traditional.

Hub South East has secured funding for in excess of £360 million of projects in education, health and social care which includes the provision of over £30 million of equity investment. We support the development of alternative funding models / structures and were involved in developing the solutions around ESA-10, which resulted in the Hub Community Foundation being formed, generating significant funding for charities across Scotland.

Our whole life approach to design and consideration of maintenance and lifecycle requirements over the longer term provides both clients and prospective investors with the security that their investments will be safe.

Our funding and finance activities include:

Equity Investment

Funder due Diligence

Financial planning and long-term forecasting/ modelling

Client business case support

Funding competitions

Construction Phase Risk Management

Programme management (Finance Bundles)

Maintaining funder relationships.

Nord/LB has worked in partnership with Hub South East since early 2013 and seen first hand the efforts that the team has made to identify diverse service needs, develop suitable proposals and then deliver a pipeline of essential public services’ infrastructure in conjunction with Public Sector partners in its territory and Nord/LB. Hub South East’s strategic approach is predicated on a partnership model and encompasses the whole value chain.

John Hanley, Senior Director, Nord/LB