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Economic Impact

Hub South East is developing and delivering a diverse pipeline of best-value, award-winning community infrastructure, currently valued at more than £920m. This value of construction work is providing a range of community benefits across the country (such as new jobs and apprenticeships) whilst supporting local businesses and importantly, and it is contributing positively to the Scottish economy.

Impacting Positively on the Scottish Economy




Collective economic activity in Scotland of our three Tier 1s



Work packages awarded to Scottish SMEs




Projects open and operational


People in Scotland employed by our Tier 1s

We work with a supply chain based in Scotland that is committed to reinvesting the Scottish pound.

Supported Business & Social Enterprise

With 83% of completed work packages awarded to Scottish SMEs, we are committed to supporting a local supply chain and we are keen to ensure that this includes supported businesses and social enterprises where possible. Good examples on Hub South East projects range from Apex Scotland being awarded cleaning contracts on the Lothian Bundle (supporting, marginalised individuals with at risk of offending/re-offending) to Rebuild Construction Social Enterprise being awarded the contract to repurpose shipping containers on the Leith Meanwhile project (supporting 6 trainees with barriers to work, giving them a living wage and developing key construction skills). And of course, we support a range of social enterprises, from catering and events to woodwork and tartan, by linking with our Charity Partner – Grassmarket Community Project.

The positive financial implications to the local economy made by supporting people with barriers to work are huge. For example; it is conservatively estimated that the savings made by keeping one individual with a history of offending out of the criminal justice system are around £50,000 per year, factoring in the cost to keep a person in prison along with social work, legal aid and numerous other associated expenses. We work with our trainees with the view to helping them change their path and learn new skills that will help them towards a brighter more prosperous future.

Paul Hunter, Founder, Rebuild