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Value for Money

Financial caps mean affordability is built into Hub South East projects. There are no high costs of bidding for supply chain contractors, open book procurement and transparency ensures no hidden costs and ALL Hub South East’s projects have been delivered within budget.

The Hub programme now has a large database of benchmarking information to inform value for money comparisons and the extent to which projects are “on market” is constantly assessed by independent advisors.

Hub South East has a track record of providing value for money in capex terms but we also robustly and routinely consider whole life costing to ensure that proposed investments are financially viable for clients once they become operational.

We’ve often made time and cost savings for clients, further adding value.

Each year in our Annual Report, we dedicate some pages to highlighting examples of how we are saving Clients time and money. Here, you can see some examples of how we are providing added value across the South East Territory.

Adding Value Stats




Life Cycle Cost Savings at Queensferry High



Saving on affordability cap at Rising Rolls 5




Inflation saving on East Lothian Community Hospital




Saving on affordability cap at Wallyford Primary

Leading a strong supply chain and working in a truly collaborative approach with the public sector, Hub South East has led the drive towards value for money solutions focused on delivering benefits to the communities within which projects are located. The East Lothian Community Hospital is a fantastic example of a revenue funded project which has been delivered collaboratively, overcoming challenges, finding innovative solutions and truly getting the best deal for the procuring authority, NHS Lothian.

David MacDonald, Hub Programme Director, Scottish Futures Trust