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Our Supply Chain

We have a strong, experienced supply chain of more than 110 companies to call upon to assist clients in delivering community infrastructure projects in the South East territory. These include 3 Tier 1 Construction contractors, 5 Tier 1B Construction Contractors, 3 Facilities Management contractors, 36 architects, 21 mechanical and electrical specialists and 25 civil and structural companies.

Key Supply Chain Stats


Tier 1 Construction Contractors


Tier 1B Construction Contractors


Average number of SMEs on supply chain



Work packages awarded to Scottish SMEs

Procurement of our principal supply chain members happened before signing of the Territory Partnering Agreement in 2010, with the pre-qualification, competitive tendering and selection of potential supply chain members, including construction contractors, designers, FM and specialist advisors eg legal.

Our three Tier 1 construction contractors are BAM Construction, Morrison Construction and Balfour Beatty.

In 2022 we augmented this with the creation of a Tier 1B Supply Chain with its scope of work predominately focussing on domestic scale / residential construction of affordable housing, social & dementia care, care homes / care villages, crisis response and complex care. Our Tier 1B Contractors are Cruden Building, Hadden Construction and Ogilvie Construction.

Each Tier 1 was appointed after a thorough and robust selection process which involved evidencing a track record in delivering quality facilities and providing value for money, but importantly, as it is a key driver for the Hub programme, each Tier 1 was selected after demonstrating they were committed to delivering community benefits on all projects.

We have since further enhanced our offering, bringing on board Heron Bros Construction and Connect Modular to our Tier 1B supply chain, providing experience with RAAC and off site manufacturing respectively.

Projects awarded to Tier 1 contractors are competitively tendered and independently assessed. Public sector clients are involved in the appointment and selection process of Tier 1 Contractors and consultants. This is done transparently using a consolidated scoring system.

We regularly review the suitability of supply chain members to provide services in relation to each project taking into account the availability of resources and the ability to provide satisfactory performance management, continuous improvement and appropriate levels of service throughout the development and delivery of projects.