Lauder Health Centre

Lead Partner: NHS Borders

Value:      £1.3 million

Tier 1 Contractor:  Morrison Construction

The new Lauder Health centre replaces the previous facilities in the town. It provides a purpose built facility suitable for modern health care and will allow expansion and development of local health services in the years to come.

This project was bid by Hubco’s Tier 1 contractors as part of a bundle with a Scottish Ambulance Service facility and Galashiels Health centre. The rationale for bringing these three projects together was to ensure that the best market rates were achieved and that the opportunities for local training and employment were maximised over a longer period.

Supporting innovative solutions to increase local employment and SME participation:

An innovative solution was developed, to ensure that local training and employment was retained and where possible extended. The proposal was to enter into a Joint Venture (JV) with local contractor, Borders Construction. The local contractor would deliver the facilities on the Tier 1’s behalf, the Tier 1 then only managing the process. This proposal was accepted by Hubco and the JV will progress the other two projects in line with client’s programmes.

This project has guaranteed the retention and development of local employment during the construction across all three projects. The delivery, by a locally based SME, demonstrates Hubco’s commitment to ensuring local people directly benefit from the investments happening in their area.

Case Study

Press Release: Handover - 9 August 2013