What we do



  • Promoting the benefits of the hub model 
  • Development of the Territory Delivery Plan 
  • Development of local delivery plans 
  • Assisting identify project need 
  • Community engagement 
  • Reporting to and supporting the Territory Partnering Board 
  • Establishing, reviewing and refreshing the supply chain 
  • Risk management 
  • Performance management


Strategic Estates Planning

  • Baseline estates review (asset registers, identification of properties, condition surveys, PPM logs) 
  • Review of accommodation requirements across agencies 
  • Joint strategic needs analysis 
  • Spending reviews 
  • Common procurement strategies 
  • Prepare action plans

Service Planning

  • Baseline audit of service distribution 
  • Review of current compliance with standards 
  • Opportunities for co-location 
  • Achievement of CPP strategic aims 
  • Capacity planning


Initial Agreement

  • Establish strategic brief 
  • Establish affordability envelope

Outline Business Case/Strategic Outline Business Case

  • Select development team 
  • Agree service model and configuration 
  • Identify estate and service delivery resources 
  • Finalise design brief 
  • Options appraisal (solution, site selection, commercial model, funding terms) 
  • Design feasibility 
  • Risk management 
  • Gateway reviews 
  • Prepare business case inputs

Full Business Case/Developed Outline Business Case

  • Reconfirm inputs (brief, programme, risk) 
  • Develop Design 
  • Manage design quality DQI/AEDET/BREEAM 
  • Arrange investigations, surveys, studies 
  • Agree energy and waste strategies 
  • Secure statutory consents 
  • Demonstrate value for money (pricing, benchmarking, risk) 
  • Prepare project specific contract details 
  • Develop design (RIBA Stage E) 
  • Risk management 
  • Gateway reviews 
  • Prepare business case inputs

Contract Finalisation (D&B)

  • Drafting project agreement 
  • Managing contract finalisation

Contract Finalisation (NPD/DBFM model)

  • Prepare financial model 
  • Funding competition and appoint funder 
  • Funding agreements 
  • Due diligence 
  • FM contractor selection and appointment 
  • Managing contract finalisation