Opportunities for SMEs

Hub South East Scotland encourages participation in projects by SMEs of all disciplines. This may be by delivering services directly to Hub South East Scotland or in collaboration with its principal supply chain partners. We're proud to have awarded 84% of completed work packages to Scottish SMEs since our inception in 2010.

As a lead in to new projects, our team will host local events that will aim to inform potential SMEs about:

  • the work package contents and programme for the new facility
  • the procurement policy and how it can help you gain business
  • practical advice on how your skill and knowledge could gain you work
  • tips and information on how you could work for package contractors
  • how you can stay ‘in the know’ about future opportunities as the project progresses.

Here's just an example of the local businesses and individuals that have benefited on two of our projects - Kelso High School & Newbattle Community Campus.

We are also keen to encourage our Tier 1 Contractors to use Supported Businesses on Hub projects wherever possible. Here's an example of where we've done this on the Lothian Bundle Project.


If you'd like to be added to the distribution list to be notified about upcoming projects and events in South East Scotland, please contact us.

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Interested in getting onto our supply chain?

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