Training and Apprenticeships


Hub South East Scotland supports training and apprenticeships through traditional apprenticeships, adult apprenticeships, technical and professional training targets will be set for the number of positions to be provided through each project in liaison with the Lead Client and Construction Skills

There is commitment from Hub South East Scotland’s principal supply chain members to support this, thus opening up the opportunity for trainees to develop their skills in the workplace on construction projects and in contractors, architects, engineers and surveyors offices. As projects go to site opportunities will be communicated through Construction Skills.

To cordinate its approach with the public sector and facilitate best use of resources Hub South East Scotland is working with The City of Edinburgh Council employment initiative “Joined Up for Jobs”  and the West Lothian Council employment initiative “Access to Employment Initiative” 

Since our inception in 2010 we have supported more than 470 new and existing apprenticeships.

We also suppported our Office Assistant, Rianna, to completed an apprenticeship in Business Administration whilst she worked with us.