Key Objectives

Hub is a national initiative set up by Scottish Government (through the Scottish Futures Trust) as a way to:
  • Provide a more efficient, quicker, sustainable procurement methodology for public sector bodies, resulting in improved value for money
  • Increase the scale of joint service working and integration between public sector organisations resulting in better outcomes at the point of service delivery
  • Increase opportunities for strategic asset management across public sector bodies
  • Maximise community and stakeholder engagement
  • Ensure local communities and SMEs benefit in terms of employment and training
More information on the Hub initiative is on SFT's website: 
Our key objectives are:
  • Delivery of value for money, affordable and high quality projects
  • Commissioning excellence in the design of facilities that have a sense of place and are centres of pride for the community
  • Delivering the highest quality services by assisting partnerships and driving continuous improvement
  • Providing support in obtaining approval of outline and full business cases
  • Developing an integrated approach to service planning and delivery
  • Assisting in production of local delivery plans
  • Gaining increased benefits through engagement with Participants, the community and other stakeholders
  • Achieving targets for Performance Management and Continuous Improvement which are derived in response to the core objectives.

Together, we aim to take partnership working to a new level of achievement for the benefit of communities in the Lothians and Borders.