Hub South East Work Placement 2019


My name is Emily Neave, and I am a fifth year pupil who goes to the Mary Erskine School, and for the past week and a half I have been doing my work experience as a Communications Assistant at Hub South East. I wanted to do my work experience in this field, as I have an interest in design and media, and wanted to gain an understanding of what kind of work that it can entail.  

Within my first day, I was already out from my desk as we went to see the current progress of the new Queensferry High School that was being built. I had the opportunity to tour around and film the areas that were being completed, as well as learn about the new ways that schools are being built to help improve the mindset and education of young people in the future.  

The next day, I was then introduced to editing, using the clips I had made the day before, by compiling them into a structured video. I had also been given some guidance on certain aspects of editing, like how to make text size consistent on each clip, how to speed up and slow down the video, and how to cut certain parts out. After I had finished editing the clips, I then had to send it to the other partners of the project for approval.  

This was helpful for me, as I had not only got to develop some skills in editing, I had also got to find out for myself what was part of the process to in marketing a video, and what goes into it. I found the experience great, as I felt very involved in the production of the video, as what I was making would be published and used by the company. You can see my final video online -

In addition to wanting to develop my media skills, I also got the opportunity to develop my design skills. I was taught, with the help of design software, on how to design some banners for the businesses social media, and I also designed the title card of the video I produced. I found it to be an amazing experience, as I got to learn about what business get to design, and what kind of things that as a designer you need to look out for, as well as what kind of designs can help attract their clients eye.  

There were many other aspects of being part of the marketing and communications department that I got to do. I got to post on the companies’ social media, and update their website, which helped develop my skills, as I got to learn about what kind of language you put online, and who you need to let know through tags if you are mentioning certain projects or news. I was also involved in proofreading, which included cross checking figures, as well as making sure that grammar and spelling was correct. 

Furthermore, I had the chance to go to Wallyford Primary School to see what a new completed building is like. It was very eye-opening, as I got to see how the new space had helped the teachers and children there and hear about how great the impact had been for them. It was quite a good insight into what kind of things that go into a building, and how it can help raise the quality of life in the area. 

To summarise, I found my work experience in Hub South East has been not only a great learning experience about what kind of skills that are required for someone who does marketing and communications but it helped me gain a better understanding of the overall way that the Hub programme works to help improve the lives of people by giving them better spaces and facilities. It had moreover helped me gain an idea of what kind of work that I would like to go into after university, and has given me valuable skills for the future. 

Emily Neave

June 2019