Hub South East Work Placement 2017


I am Emma Walker, a sixth year  pupil from West Calder High School and for the past 2 weeks I have been on work experience at Hub South East. In the future, I have an interest in studying tourism and events Management at university as it something I have become increasingly more interested in over the past few years. On this work experience I wanted to see what it takes to work in events management and to find out if it’s something I enjoy and want to make a career out of.

This work experience in media and communications has given me a valuable insight in to how the industry works. I took the placement because I thought it would give me a head start into the course and teach me knowledge and skills that I can take forward and use if I do get the chance to study it at university.

Throughout the first week alone I had already gained so much new information and skills. I was given different tasks that taught me new skills that are needed in events management. I first learnt the basic of what you need when planning an event to the smallest detail, I then had the chance to help arrange and coordinate a charity event by setting up dates and times for it to take place which I enjoyed as it was something I had never done before. This improved my organisational skills which is an important trait to have to do well in events management. Helping to plan this event gave me relevant experience to event management that I can’t get anywhere else and that will be very useful in the future.

I also got to sit in on a meeting about the new West Calder School which showed me not only what these meeting entail but also how new projects can be developed and promoted. Which is also useful when planning an event.  After this meeting I had the chance to develop my interviewing skills as I interviewed interview Allan Lyttle from Morrison Construction.

I was then given the chance to write an edition of the newsletter, which informs residents about the progress of the school and any other information they need to know. I used all the information I had gotten from the meeting and the interview to piece together a newsletter, I also had pictures from the tour of the school, I enjoyed picking the right one to fit in with newsletter. I enjoyed the designing of the newsletter and finding about how to make it look neat and professional which was all new to me.  I liked writing this as it’s something that was all my own work and I am currently a West Calder pupil so it was something that interested me.  I was also keen to promote it to the rest of the community. Through writing this newsletter I have developed so many of my skills. For example:

  • my writing as I had to make sure all the information was correct and that it read well.

  • my designing and IT skills as had to make sure that it looked good on the page.

Doing this newsletter gave me confidence in my writing skills and I think because I now have the experience it will encourage me to do things like that in the future.

Throughout the second week I have continued to help organise and plan the charity event by communicating with the people involved, and I have come to realise I enjoyed the planning and organising side of events management as it made me feel involved in creating the event.

I have also been looking at how social media can be used to promote and advertise what the company is doing. I had a go using Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to let people know what the company is up to and the dos and don’ts of each of the different social medias. 

As well as this  i have been getting my newsletter ready to be published and fixing any of the suggested changes. Before it’s sent out I also have to proof read the newsletter and make sure everything is correct and ready to go, which is an important skill in any area of work. I am very excited for people to read my edition of the newsletter because it’s all my own work and I put a lot of thought and effort into it. You can see the newsletter here.

Overall I feel like not only have I had a great time on this work experience meeting loads of great new people but I also know that what I have learned will be incredibly relevant and useful to what I want to study. I am grateful for getting the chance to have had this placement and to be able to gain these experiences. This placement has only concreted the fact that I want pursue my interests in events management in the future.  

Emma Walker

Novemeber 2017